• TRR Races GT2 Series
    TRR Races GT2 Series

    Team Rock Racing will race the ISR-GT2 Championship!

  • Back at speed!
    Back at speed!

    We're coming back at speed in Assetto Corsa

  • TRR Flying at GT2 test race
    TRR Flying at GT2 test race

    We had 2 drivers in the top 5 of Qualifying!

  • TRR Races GT2 Series
  • Back at speed!
  • TRR Flying at GT2 test race

The first round of NL.TCR.5 by SimRacing.nl, a DTM Series, brought good succes for Team Rock Racing. We had signed up with 2 teams. Team Rock Racing #1 with Walter Lemmens and Sven Smits, and Team Rock Racing #2 with Johan van Doren. Also our team driver Ronny van den Hof attends this series, with a friend under the name of RR Motorsport.

As where Lemmens had a bad Q1, van Doren and Cuppen had a quite good Q1, and emerged to Q2. Sven Smits did not attend the first round. However in Q2 bad luck struck the Team Rock Racing drivers. As the warm-up lap started. Sadly van den Hof had lost connection, and was not able to reconnect in time to still start the race. Somehow Lemmens missed the start of the warm-up lap, and had to start from the pits.

As the whole race event so far had been wet, but the track seemed very drying up, and some drivers indeed started on the soft slick tyre.

At the start Rudy had some hold up, and van Doren had a tiny collision after beeing blinded by the spray, which unfortunatly got him to a pitstart penalty for Round 2 at Hockemheim. Lemmens had an easy start from the pits, and drove himself through the field from 17th to about 15th. Untill lap 2 where he misjudged a moment in overtaking someone, to brake on the inside, where it was still wet, and without control he slid into another driver. Who fortunatly, could rejoin the race.

Cuppen meanwhile was fighting through the field, and so was van Doren. It was a complete dry race as it went on. There was some confusion weither it was a wet or a dry race, since at the start there was water, but no rain. As everyone kept to the soft tyres, thinking the rules about using both the soft and hard slicks vanished cause of the wet. Suddenly we hear van Doren over the radio that he is out of fuel. Sadly these cars do not have a refuel option. van Doren was out.

Meanwhile Lemmens, who started 17th, is charging through the field and up in 14th again. Cuppen is fighting for 9th.

Eventually with just a few laps to go, it started to rain heavily. Lemmens eased to the pits, and switched for Inters. Being 13th at that point in the race. With a handful laps to go, he managed to charge to 11th position. Only 1,5 laps to go, and he is closening into a competitor who is in 10th. Lemmens gave it all, and managed to pass the car, who was still on slicks. And became 10th. Cuppen did an ace last part of the race and managed to secure a great 6th for Team Rock Racing in his first official outting.

Later the results got corrected, and it turned out that Lemmens had even scored a 9th position.

So Cuppen a great 6th, Lemmens a good 9th, van Doren a DNF and van den Hof a DNS.

Team Rock Racing is proud on their new drivers, and is happy with these results.

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