• TRR Races GT2 Series
    TRR Races GT2 Series

    Team Rock Racing will race the ISR-GT2 Championship!

  • Back at speed!
    Back at speed!

    We're coming back at speed in Assetto Corsa

  • TRR Flying at GT2 test race
    TRR Flying at GT2 test race

    We had 2 drivers in the top 5 of Qualifying!

  • TRR Races GT2 Series
  • Back at speed!
  • TRR Flying at GT2 test race

Who we are

We are an ambitious sim-racing team consisting of skilled sim and real life racers from across the world. We are always giving 100% to perform our best for ourselves and our partners. We have some experienced top-level drivers who have won numerous of races during the past years.

The team was established back in 2002 by Walter Lemmens. His nickname back in the day was Rocky7up, and so Team Rock Racing began. The team is a combination of having a professional approach towards sim-racing as well as being a family for its drivers. Our goal is to provide such an environment so each driver can develop their skills and we can all learn from eachother. Team Rock racing is also looking for talents that can improve the drivers list, and has the same ambitions as we have.

Our main focus is racing on the Assetto Corsa simulator, but we don't rule out other possibilities in the future. We want to compete in as many leagues and series as possible and enjoy the time we spend with eachother.

What we do

We are competing in top series in the simulator Assetto Corsa. We also coach new sim-racers te become future sim-racing stars. To achieve this we have set up our own training program and practice sessions. We do all of this with the passion for racing in mind which we all share.

Our training program

Our training program will consist out off practice sessions every sunday at 19.00 GMT+1. In these sessions one of our experienced drivers will be the coach for the other drivers. In these practise session the focus is to get consistency. The coach drives in front of the drivers and drives laps within a targeted time. This targeted time will get lower and lower. By driving behind the coach the drivers learn the lines and braking points. When a targeted time goes well for at least 15/20 laps, the target will get lower and lower so ultimately the drivers will become a faster and consistent driver.

Organizing races and competitions

In the future we aim to be organizing our own racing series or events again. After we've succesfully done this inside Live for Speed, we are certain this can be a succes.

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Our sponsors

CMW Designs GT Omega Racing